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A local, generational, family-run business - Normington & Sons Limited are compassionate funeral directors based in the Pontefract area. The founder of the company, Mr Ronald Normington, gained experience at a large company before starting Normington & Sons with his wife Jenny. Their sons, Barry and Philip then joined the company in 1994 and 2001 respectively.

Today, we aim to provide the perfect funeral service for your loved one by catering to their taste with our tailored service. Our undertakers, monumental masons, and funeral directors are all aim to understand the importance of a ceremony that reflects the wishes of your loved one, which is why we maintain to cover all aspects of the service.

Bespoke and Appropriate Funerals

A funeral is a highly personal day, and that is why we are here to provide the most appropriate farewell for the situation. That means that we have the scope for traditional ceremonies and celebrations of life. Normington & Sons Limited create a bespoke experience with tender and reasonable understanding for the circumstances to make the time smooth and comfortable.

Headstones from Expert Monumental Masons

Our monumental masons are empathetic to the importance of a just memory for your loved one, which is why we provide tasteful and respected headstones for customers throughout the Pontefract area. We work with you to create the best representation of the departed.

Funeral Directors for the Pontefract Area

As compassionate and caring funeral directors, we can help you arrange the perfect ceremony to cater to the wishes and requirements of your loved one from Pontefract. Being based in Wakefield, we are less than twenty minutes away, so you can visit our showroom to discuss the details with us.

If would would like to contact Normington & Sons Limited, please call on 01226 700 760 or fill out our online enquiry form.