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Normington & Sons offers a wide array of custom-made coffins and caskets featuring classic designs and contemporary eco-friendly options for those deeply committed to sustainability and nature. Finding a coffin reflecting your departed relative or friend's individuality and traits is essential when commemorating a loved one. 

With over six decades of experience in the funeral industry, we stand as a prominent choice to assist you in selecting the perfect coffin; whether you're drawn to our Stateside range or the Artiste collection, we have you covered.
We prioritise understanding both your preferences and the wishes of the departed; this helps us determine the most fitting coffin or casket that aligns with these sentiments. Our custom designs let you personalise details like engraved messages, text, images, and inscriptions.

Regardless of your budget, our range encompasses coffins at various prices, ensuring a suitable option for everyone. For a deeper insight into our extensive selection of funeral coffins and caskets, please explore our product brochures below.

Classic & Traditional

Our Classic Range includes our traditional range of oak-veneered coffins which are all hand made and manufactured at the edge of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. All our coffins are second to none, featuring uncompromising quality at an affordable price whilst upholding the values of The Guild of Master Craftsmen. Included in our Classic Range, you will find our Eco-Friendly wicker coffins and Eco-Friendly cardboard coffins which can be customised by the means of a picture.

Classic Range, Normington and Sons.JPG

Artiste Range

 Our Artiste Range includes Coffins and Cremation Caskets and promises a unique, personal tribute. All the outstanding products that we design are handmade here in the United Kingdom, the pinnacle of the coffin-makers art and quality is to be found in the Artiste Range. Each coffin is individually finished by hand so that no two coffins are the same. In this range, colours, images, inscriptions and handles may be personalised to your individual tastes, interests and needs.

Artiste Range, Normington and Sons.JPG
Signature Range, Normington and Sons.JPG

Signature Range

 The Signature Range is quite simply the pinnacle of the coffin maker's art. Each coffin is handmade individually from hand selected beautiful solid wood. This exclusive range sends out one message, only the very best will do.

Stateside Range, Normington and Sons.JPG

Stateside Range

The Stateside Casket Range is an American-style coffin that is made in North America by one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of American-style caskets. Made using only the finest solid wood and high-quality metals, this range offers a wide variety of finishes for you to choose from.

Traditional & Modern Coffins Hand-Crafted by

Steve Soult - Normington and Sons

Steve Soult has become one of the most reputable coffin makers in the U.K. They are officially the only Coffin and Casket Manufacturers registered with The Guild Of Master Craftsmen.

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