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A place to reflect and pay your respects. 

A monumental masonry memorial is a unique way of marking the place your loved one is resting. It's a fantastic way to remember their life and provide a safe place for you and others to reflect and pay respects. A memorial is a lasting symbol of remembrance of a life, or it could be your final gift to a loved one.

Our team of professionals at Normington & Sons have long-standing relationships with local Monumental Masons who have decades of experience and a proven track record of providing the highest quality workmanship.


Normington and Sons, Stonemasonry

We have a large selection of unique memorials and various granite colours and styles. We are confident our extensive brochure will have something to suit everyone's taste and preferences.

If you are considering a memorial, don't hesitate to contact us today so that one of our experienced team can assist and advise you on your different options to create the perfect memorial and put you in contact with our trusted partners.

Click below to view our brochure.

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